Strategic Services

Our exceptional services deliver the R&D Advantage throughout the litigation process:
*  Case evaluation based on our expertise
*  Risk assessment based on our expertise
*  Theme development
*  Theme testing (through online and in-person jury research)
*  Witness evaluation
*  Witness preparation
*  Juror profiles
*  Juror questionnaires
*  Venue analysis and change of venue motions
*  Trial skills training, including Voir Dire and Effective Witness Preparation
*  Visual strategy development
*  Expert testimony on jury issues

At Trial
*  Jury selection and voir dire assistance
*  Trial monitoring
*  Shadow juries (on/off site or online)
*  Witness preparation
*  Assistance for opening statements and closing arguments

*  Post-trial jury interviews

Medical Malpractice

*  Expertise in Medical Malpractice (we’re the only Trial Consultant group with a Medical Malpractice division)

Online Services

*  Online data collection to help you save time and money, and effectively assess your case

Case Analyses
*  Review your case to help assess strengths and weaknesses
*  Analyze and challenge case themes
*  Discuss specific witnesses or voir dire in general