R&D Online Services

What is Online Jury Research?
We can use the immediacy of the Internet to access jurors and assess your case, often at a much lower cost. Working online allows us many of the same capabilities as traditional Jury Research. Jurors are recruited the same way but are then able to complete questionnaires, view videotaped presentations and rate them, and be interviewed individually or in a group – all online.

Why use Online Research?
Using the Internet for jury research offers specific advantages.

*   Out of pocket expenses are much lower than traditional jury research
*   Flexibility – it can be done any time, from virtually anywhere
*   More reliable than telephone surveys for data collection

Does Online Research Replace Traditional Jury Research?
Not at all. But online research can be used tactically to great effect to:

*   Provide an initial, clear picture of case strengths and weaknesses
*   Get a quick but thorough “read” on a one-time event that might have significant impact on the case (adverse FDA ruling;
     plant explosion; media expose)
*   Replacement for telephone surveys
*   Analyze and evaluate venues
*   Work within budget constraints

How accurate is an online sample?
The available online population is fast becoming statistically identical to the general population. We make every effort to match demographics of the online sample to the trial venue.

Is the online survey secure and confidential?
Our web site uses the latest technology to restrict access to case information and provides a confidential, secure online environment.