Strategic Services

At Trial

Jury Selection and Voir Dire Assistance
We help you make sure you’re asking exactly the right questions in the right way. We make sure you can exercise your strikes as effectively as possible, even in venues with limited voir dire. Our approach has proven to be a powerful tool to prioritize your strikes. And our Consultants have the experience to warn against asking questions that will inadvertently give aid and ammunition to the opposition.
Trial Monitoring
We are frequently asked to be in the courtroom to offer feedback regarding the progress of the trial and what jurors may be taking away from the evidence. This is often extremely helpful in assessing jury reactions to witnesses and providing recommendations to improve both witness and litigator performance.
Shadow Juries (on/off site or online)
We have recruited and interviewed hundreds of shadow jurors who are charged with monitoring the trial everyday, either in court or from a “satellite” location. This contemporaneous feedback from jurors can often prove essential to your success. We are also able to deliver a virtual shadow jury through our affiliation with Looking Glass. That feedback is collected online and analyzed to determine whether the trial strategy is working and which tactics will produce maximum effect.
Witness Preparation
Our experience includes thousands of hours working with anxious, nervous witnesses to help them stay on track – particularly during intensive cross-examinations. We teach them techniques to help crystallize their testimony and sharpen their delivery. We also provide strategies for witnesses to manage negative emotions such as fear and anger that can interfere with testimony. The result is a more effective, confident and stress-free witness who is able to deliver persuasive testimony.
Assistance with Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
Our thorough understanding of how people make decisions and how juries process information can help you draft the most forceful openings and closings possible. We can help you craft strategies and language that will dismantle the other side’s argument and stick in the hearts and minds of the jurors.