Mark A. deTurck, Ph.D.

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Cell: 678-612-2021
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Mark A. deTurck, Ph.D.

Mark deTurck is a former professor of communication at Cornell University where he researched jury decision-making, attitude-change theory, and social cognition (how people process information, make decisions, and act on information), and has published dozens of articles and chapters on these topics. His research on jury decision-making has won national awards. Given Mark’s specialized understanding of how people process information, he has testified as an expert witness on numerous occasions, as well as advising federal agencies on national security.

Mark has applied his unique understanding of how jurors process information to design valuable jury research so as to develop the most persuasive trial strategies for clients. His unique experience as an expert witness has allowed him to connect with witnesses to prepare them to be the most effective messengers in depositions and at trial. As a result of Mark’s experience, he has been invited to speak at numerous legal seminars.

Ph.D. (Communication); Michigan State University
M.A. (Communication); Michigan State University
B.A. (Psychology); Temple University

Prior Experience
Director, DecisionQuest, Inc.
Consultant, Trial Graphix
Professor, Communication, Cornell University

Selected Publications and Presentations
“Predicting Trial Outcomes: The Value of Jury Research,” presented at the ABZ Corporate Counsel Midyear Meeting, LaQuinta, CA, February, 2002
“Voir Dire: Choosing the Right Jury,” prepared for the Alabama Bar Institute for Continuing Legal Education seminar entitled, “Jury Selection: From Voir Dire to Jury Deliberations,” Alabama School of Law, Birmingham, AL, December, 2001
“Jurors’ New Math: How Jurors Calculate Damages,” prepared for the Kentucky Defense Counsel seminar, Louisville, KY, December, 2001
“The Path to Justice: How Jurors Process Information,” prepared for a presentation to the Tulane Law School on Jury Persuasion, New Orleans, LA, October, 2001
“Preparing the Corporate Witness to Testify,” presented at the South Texas College of Law Labor and Employment Seminar, Houston, TX, July 2000 (with Dr. Rick Fuentes)