Strategic Services

Pre Trial

Case Evaluation and Risk Assessment
Our Consultants’ breadth and depth of experience, our proprietary database, and surrogate juries can help maximize your chances for success and assess potential exposure or recovery.
Case Themes and Strategies: Development and Testing
We have a unique and proven ability to help you craft a compelling story to successfully persuade a jury. We are experts at creating case themes and analyzing mock juries to test them. All research is custom-designed for your specific situation and case challenges using state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge techniques. Every one of our strategic recommendations are practical and actionable.

Witness Evaluation and Preparation
We have counseled and prepared thousands of witnesses, most of whom are unaccustomed to providing testimony and uncomfortable with the process. We have successfully prepared CEOs, fact witnesses, experts and even foreign witnesses where language and culture barriers had to be bridged. Our Witness Schools have proven to help even the most terrified witnesses provide persuasive, credible testimony. Our testing methods can even help you evaluate witnesses to determine which ones will be most effective – and which ones may “crash” under pressure.
Juror Profiles and Questionnaires
Our range of experience and statistical analysis techniques will help you develop a complete understanding of which jurors to keep – and which ones to strike.
Venue Analysis and Change of Venue
We can help you determine which venue will provide jurors that are most receptive to your case. We also have experience testifying as experts both for and against change of venue motions.
Expert Testimony on Jury Issues
We have served as experts on a variety of jury issues including voir dire, selection procedures and the ability of our clients to secure a fair trial.
Attorney Trial Skills Training
A great attorney is not always an exceptional litigator. We can help you be both. We help good Attorneys develop effective communications capabilities that can provide the difference between success and failure in persuading a jury. We offer both one-on-one sessions and group workshops.
Visual Strategy Development
We work closely with a team of experienced graphics designers to ensure that you have a strong visual persuasion strategy that can explain complex information clearly and effectively, and one that reinforces key themes to provide maximum persuasive power for your case.